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Stonebrooke Homes Association Annual Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 @ 7:00 PM

Gladstone Community Center – Gashland Room, 6901 N. Holmes


Board of Directors Present:

Dean Merkel, Robin Wright, Carl Morrissey & Jeff Brown. 


Homeowners Present:

Charles & Charlene Blackwell, Patty Bowen, Sam & Margie Cangelosi, Bob Drayer, Jeff Gerner, Maria Ganado, Jeff Head,  Judy Layton, Gene Madden, Karen Merkel, Abel Mojica, John & Sara Pummill, Jeff & Patty Temaat, Gloria Williams, Steve Wright.


17 (26%) of the 65 homes were represented. A quorum was met.



·       Sign-in & refreshments

·       Minutes of the 2010 annual and board meetings are available for review.



·       2010 End of year report and balance sheet

Ø  Beginning of 2010 balance of $11230.09

Ø  End of 2010 balance of $8597.62

Ø  2010 negative balance of ($2632.47)

Ø  It was discussed that this balance should be kept to cover any future large projects

Ø  General Ledger of all financial transactions were available for review

·       2011 Budget and YTD report

o   Budget for 2011 was available for review

o   2011 dues $115

o   2011 trash/recycling  service $168

·       Outstanding dues

o   Eight homes with outstanding dues

o   Liens will be filed for all outstanding dues after May 1st.  Lien fees are $100 + dues & interest.

o   All previous liens filed have been paid. Last lien paid this month for Lot #4, 3801 NE 72 Terr.


RECAP OF 2010-2011:

·       Accountant

o   Filed HOA 2010 taxes in March

o   Picks up mail from PO Box

o   Most bills paid by automatic bank draft

o   Makes all bank deposits

·       Insurance

o   Continuing Directors & Officers Insurance and General HOA Liability w/ Kruger and James Ins Co, NKC

·       Gladstone PO Box to be renewed



·       A new utility box post was placed near the fountain and the old utility box was replaced with one that is functional and meets code.

·       A new sprinkler system was installed & will make the grass in our common area near the fountain look much better. An easy access blow out valve and backflow (city requirement) were installed on the sprinkler system.

·       A new lighting system was installed which shows off the fountain and stonework at night.

·       Our Stonebrooke sign was polished and painted.

·       The city repaired several of our neighborhood streets and sidewalks.

·       The city was notified and the fire hydrants were painted in 2010.




·       Two homes currently for sale. One with sale pending soon.

·       2 vacant lots






§     Other projects: none




·       Auto break-ins in the neighborhood were discussed. Please keep your cars locked and in the garage if possible.

o   Carl suggested an inexpensive kill switch could be added to your car. This would be useful for the cars left outside over night. Your car could still be broken into, but could not be started.

o   Gladstone Public Safety has an officer that works with all of the Gladstone apartment complex managers to rid problem residents.

o   A neighborhood fence was suggested to reduce out of neighborhood foot traffic. This could not stop sidewalk traffic and expense would make this an improbable solution.

·       Clay County property tax assessments were discussed. A couple homeowners may appeal.

·       A bridge will be built on the west end of the walking trail in Happy Rock West to connect to the trail that leads up to Wal-Mart. This will also allow access to the Maple Wood Nature Preserve.

·       A neighborhood block party was brought up, but little interest was shown.

·       It was suggested that Ryan Lawn and Tree check for signs of disease or insect infestation of pine trees in the neighborhood.

o   Board members Jeff and Carl will look into this.



·       Nominations for new board members were requested.

·       No new nominations were made.

·       Judy Layton nominated the existing board members for another year.

·       A motion was made by Margie Cangelosi to vote for existing board members.

·       The motion was seconded by Abel Mojica.

·       Vote by show of hands. Homeowners in favor 17, against 0.



With no further business to discuss, meeting was adjourned at 8:00.


Minutes submitted by: Dean Merkel


Reviewed & approved by: Robin Wright



Thanks for making and keeping our neighborhood great!!