Stonebrooke Homes Association Annual Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 @ 7:00 PM

Gladstone Community Center – Gashland Room, 6901 N. Holmes


Board of Directors Present

Jeff Brown,  Dean Merkel, Carl Morrissey, Robin Wright     


Homeowners Present:

Robin Berislavich, Charles & Charlene Blackwell, Ron Bowen, Jeff Brown, Sam & Margie Cangelosi, Tim & Angie Giddens, Maria Granado, Judy Layton, Dean & Karen Merkel, Carl Morrissey, John & Sara Pummill, Jeff & Patty Temaat, Gloria Williams, Steve & Robin Wright.


14 (22%) of the 65 homes were represented. A quorum was met.




·      Sign-in & refreshments

·      Minutes of the 2011 annual and board meetings were available for review



·      2011 End of year report and balance sheet

Ø 2011 Account balance of $9325.80

Ø 2011 Positive balance of $818.18

·      2012 Budget and YTD report

o   Budget for 2012

o   2012 dues $115

o   2012 trash/recycling  service $176.40

·      Outstanding dues

o   Eight  homes with outstanding dues

o   Liens will be filed for all outstanding dues after May 1st.  Lien fees are $100 + dues & interest.

o       All previously filed liens have been paid.


RECAP OF 2011-2012:

·      Accountant

o   2011 Taxes – Filed in March, 2012

o   Picks up mail from PO Box weekly

o   Records all transactions and makes all bank deposits

·      Bills paid by automatic bank draft include:

KC Power & Light, Gladstone water, Deffenbaugh trash/recycling

·      Other Bills

o   Directors & Officers Ins and General HOA Liability  w/ Kruger and James Ins Co, NKC

o   PO Box (annual paid in April)

o   State registration of Incorporation

o   Sprinkler system blowout in fall

o   Sprinkler system backflow check in spring

o   Mowing – weekly through October

o   Lawn and tree service

o   Fountain and Landscaping expenses

o   Postage, office & meeting supplies, misc, etc.





·      Shrubs removed and decorative grasses were planted in fall 2011.

·      The city reseeded the area between the street and sidewalk on Antioch in fall 2011.

·      Two new fountain pumps were purchased and installed this spring, 2012, in the Stonebrooke fountains.

·      Ryan Lawn and Tree is scheduled to kill all Bermuda and Zoysia grasses this summer and reseed.



·      Two  homes for sale, 2 vacant lots, 5 rental or leased homes



§  Landscaping

o   SATURDAY MAY 5th - our Annual Stonebrooke Clean-up event. Starts @ 8:00 am. We will be mostly pruning, trimming shrubs, hauling and spreading bags of mulch, raking and bagging leaves. WE NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE please. Meet at the Fountain area at 8:00 am. Bring your gloves and a rake.

o   Ryan  Lawn and Tree fertilizes lawn and sprays trees

o   Valley Lawn mows from April through October

§  Website – Jeff Brown (Homeowner) maintains website

o   The website contains the Stonebrooke Homes Association covenants, bylaws, a map of the neighborhood and minutes from the annual meetings. 

o   There are also links to the City of Gladstone and other useful information and announcements.

§  Garage Sale- June 7-9

o   The spring garage sale will be held in conjunction with Gladstone city-wide garage sale.

§  Still need someone to place signs and place ad in paper. Some suggested that an ad may not be needed if signs are placed. No volunteers to oversee garage sale. Please contact the board if interested.

§  Gladstone permit not required if done on this weekend.

§  Cannot have individual sales per by-laws and covenants

§  Sprinkler Backflow testing

o   2012 Back-flow testing of sprinkler systems- city requirement. Annual neighborhood backflow testing for Saturday, April 28,

o   To schedule, residents can email: or call 816-880-0578.

§  Reminder -  No long term parking of trailers, boats, RVs,  etc

§  Homeowner Directory

o   Update meeting sign-up sheet; updated directory will be emailed after the meeting

§  Pool membership – several available



§  Gladstone web-site

o   April 27, 28 & 29  (8-5) - Gladstone residents can take household trash and LARGE ITEMS to Happy Rock Park for FREE DISPOSAL! City of Gladstone will have dumpsters for this event.

o   May 4, 5 & 6 (8-5) - Gladstone residents can take their YARD WASTE to the Public Works for FREE DISPOSAL!

§  This coincides with Gladstone annual brush drop-off (free brush disposal)

§  Gladstone Spring Home Show

o   This year the show will be held on April 20 – 21 at the Gladstone Community Center. Show hours are 5 am to 9 pm on Friday and 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday. Information and help on all of your home improvement and repair needs.

§  Gladstone Farmers Market

o   Looking for fresh fruits, vegetables and starter plants. The Gladstone Farmers Market opens on May 2, 2012 at 2 p.m. Located just east of N. Oak on NE 70th Street by the clock tower.




·      Judy Layton offered information regarding the KC Zoo. Many improvements have been made and Mon-Tues are the best days to attend.

·      Steve Wright from the Clay Co. Sheriff’s office brought DVDs for people to take home giving information for monitoring the activities of your children on the internet. More DVD’s are available through the Sheriff’s office.

·      Jeff Temaat stated that several street lights need to be called in. Jeff Temaat had a request for street improvements in certain areas where the asphalt is broken up. Karen Merkel volunteered to notify Gladstone Public Works.

·      Sam Cangelosi questioned the dry kitty litter looking stuff on the street recently. Carl informed the group that a trash truck had a hydraulic fluid leak and this oil absorbent material was placed to absorb and remove the oil.

·      Carl mentioned that Home Depot will take your used fluorescent light bulb and batteries.



·      Nominations for new board members were requested.

·      No new nominations were made.

·      Jeff Temaat nominated the existing board members for another year.

o   The current board discussed and accepted the nomination.

·      A motion was made by Jeff Temaat to vote for existing board members.

·      The motion was seconded by Judy Layton.

·      Vote by show of hands. Homeowners in favor 14, against 0.



With no further business to discuss, meeting was adjourned at 7:35.


Minutes submitted by: Dean Merkel


Reviewed, approved and signed by: Robin Wright



Thanks for making Stonebrooke a great neighborhood!