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Stonebrooke Homes Association Annual Meeting Minutes 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016 @ 7:00 PM

Gladstone Community Center – 6901 N. Holmes

Board of Directors, Stonebrooke Homes Association

Ron Bowen, Brett Ellis, Justin Hough, Dean Merkel, Carl Morrissey






·       Sign-in & refreshments


Board of Directors:

Present: Ron Bowen, Justin Hough, Dean Merkel, Carl Morrissey. Absent: Brett Ellis


Homeowners Present:

Introductions were made. Many new neighbors were present.

15 (23.1%) of the 65 homes were represented. A quorum was met.

Ron & Patty Bowen, Tim & Angie Giddens, Bob & Susanne Drayer, Angela Graham, Jay & Jen Grossman, Justin Heaton, Justin Hough, Chasity Jones, Judith & Suzanne Layton, Dean & Karen Merkel, Sandra Modlin, Carl & Theresa Morrissey, John & Sara Pummill, Debbie Smith, Carla Walker, Gloria Williams.



·       Minutes of the 2015 annual and 2016 Board of Director Meeting minutes available.

·       Annual general HOA meeting minutes are available on website.

·       2015 Balance sheet, Profit & Loss, Budget vs Actual,  and General Ledger of all expenditures



·       Jeff Self, Gladstone Police Captain, and Mike Hasty, Police Chief/Director of Public Safety were present to discuss a recent neighborhood incident.  It was determined that it was an isolated incident. They provided answers and discussion.

·       They suggested having a crime analyst attend our future meetings to give us a safety update and a local area crime report. Gladstone Public Safety is here to serve the citizens, so feel free to call them regarding any suspicious activity. They offer vacation home checks and can perform home safety evaluations. Call 816-436-3550 for non-emergent issues or requests or 911 for emergency.



·       Review of 2015 Financial Statement

o   Balance at start of 2015 was $6550.55

o   Year-end balance for 2015 of $8309.34

o   Net Profit/Loss for 2015 was +$1758.79. Although, the accountant bill for 2015 of $700 was not yet paid. Profit due to Imprellis settlement from several years ago.

·       Budget for 2016 was reviewed and set at the February Board of Director’s meeting.

o   2016 budget was reviewed and approved.

o   Due to the profit/loss estimate, the board agreed to maintain 2016 dues of $130.

·       2016 Deffenbaugh trash/recycling service $218 (2015 was $210)

·       Outstanding dues

o   As of 4/17/15: 10 homes with total or partial outstanding dues and fees.

o   If unable to pay total amount, pay in installments. Please contact a board member so liens are not assessed. Lien fees are $100 + dues & interest.


RECAP OF 2015-2016:

·       Accountant

o   Picks up mail from PO Box weekly and records all transactions and makes all bank deposits

o   2014 Taxes –  Filed in Sept, 2015,

o   Bills paid by auto bank draft include: KC Power & Light, Gladstone water, Waste Management

·       Other Bills

o   Directors & Officers Insurance and General HOA Liability  

o   Accounting service

o   PO Box (annual paid in April)

o   State registration for Incorporation (2 years due in July 2016)

o   Sprinkler system blowout in fall

o   Sprinkler system backflow check

o   Mowing – weekly through October

o   Lawn fertilizing and tree spraying service

o   Fountain and Landscaping expenses

o   Postage, office supplies, misc, etc.

o   Gladstone Community Center room

o   Meeting expenses

o   Fountain clean-out and start-up

o   Mulching and Landscaping expenses



·       Replaced blue spruce behind fountain  (Imprellis settlement for damage to shrubs in 2012)

·       Metal edging and additional rock around fountain basins (Gladstone Neighborhood Improvement Grant)

·       Removed several shrubs at fountain and added 7 more plantings

·       New (2) fountain pumps

·       Repaired break in sprinkler piping



  • Landscaping
    • SATURDAY April 30- our Annual Stonebrooke Clean-up event. Starts @ 8:00 AM at fountain. We have 9 common areas to upkeep. We will be pruning, trimming shrubs, hauling and spreading bags of mulch, raking and bagging leaves. WE NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE please. Bring your gloves and a rake.

§  Lawn and Trees

    • Ryan Lawn and Tree fertilizes lawn and sprays trees
    • Noll’s Lawn Care bid to mow through October was accepted
    • Need to replace tree in Myrtle circle which was broken off. A suggestion was made to replace the tree on the Mersington circle as well, due to all the suckers that continue to sprout.
  • Fountain in need of repair

§  Metal spillway will likely need to be replaced in the next year. Carl was going to look into manufacturing a new stainless steel or aluminum spillway to replace the corroding metal spillway.

§  Fountain basins will need recoated in a couple years.

§  Total replacement $10000+

  • HOA Escrow Account

§  After attending an HOA director’s conference last fall, it was suggested that each HOA should establish an escrow account to handle any future large need. The large item expense would be accrued for annually so all homeowners past and future would pay towards the large need. Example: $30 annually for 5 years x 65 homes = $9750. This is not meant to be for annual maintenance and expenses, but rather a large item such as a new fountain or stonework.

§  A motion was made for the establishment of an escrow account to be set up for annual payments for future large needs of the Homes Association. Motion made by Karen Merkel, with second by Patty Bowen.

§  Vote: In favor 15, opposed 0. The board will speak to the bank and accountant to determine how to set up.

  • Grievances / Complaints
    • Trash service - Waste Management (formerly Deffenbaugh). Conversion in December
      • Missed pickup -  Likely due to Holiday week, inclement weather, and the conversion form Deffenbaugh to Waste Management.
        • Setting up onboard computerized routing
        • New billing system, credits for missed service
        • Service since January has been good
    • Street resurfacing
      • Need for resurfacing and repair.
      • Call the city for any pothole or specific street issues.
    • Street lights
      • The addition of streetlights in certain darker neighborhood locations, especially on Mersington, was brought up by a resident. Instructions were given for individual residents interested in having one added to contact the Gladstone Public Works department.
      • Was directed to the city website for request form
  • Residents must get board approval for:
    • Out buildings, fences, roof replacement
  • Transfer fee when selling a home. Collect at closing and title company sends to accountant
  • Website –
    • www.stonebrookehomes.org
    •  The website contains the Stonebrooke Homes Association covenants, bylaws, a map of the neighborhood and minutes from the annual meetings. 
    • There are also links to the City of Gladstone and other useful information and announcements.
    • Site was hacked: Google search for Stonebrooke has message that the website has been hacked.
  • Sprinkler Backflow testing
    • Back-flow testing of sprinkler systems- city requirement. Stonebrooke Annual Backflow Testing
      • Date:  May 7, 2016, Time:  8 AM to noon, Cost:   $30
      • Homes with outside systems will be done during the week prior to Saturday, May 7.
      • To Schedule: email kcbackflow@me.com  or call 816-880-0578
  • Garage Sale-
    • Should we have it in conjunction with Gladstone city-wide garage?
    • Sandra Modlin volunteered to investigate and organize a date for a neighborhood sale.
    • Signs, notices to neighborhood, add in Dispatch. Gladstone permit not required if done on this weekend. Cannot have individual sales per by-laws and covenants.
  • Gladstone website www.gladstone.mo.us
    • Friday and Saturday Nights at Linden Square - Music events, etc starting end of May
    • Residential trash & large household item disposal. April 29, 30, May 1.

8:00am to 5:00pm at Happy Rock Park.

    • Brush & yard waste – free disposal. May 6, 7, 8.

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Public Works facility, 4000 NE 76th Street

(north of Happy Rock Park). Proof of residency required.

    • Household Hazardous Waste- free disposal. June 25.

8:00 AM to noon at Public Works facility.

  • Critters in yard. Patty B asked for advice on removing a deck loving ground hog.
    • Sympathy was offered, but not much advice was given. Likely need to live trap the animals.
  • Issues to address
    • Reminder that the home owners at the corner entrances are responsible for weed control and mowing. HOA is responsible for mulching and maintaining shrubs.
  • Homeowner Directory
    • Update meeting sign-in sheet; updated directory will be emailed after the meeting.



§  Nominations

o   Nomination to retain the same board. Current board member, Brett Ellis, will likely be moving within the next year.

o   Nomination for Sandra Modlin to be added to the board.

§  Recommendation was made to proceed with 5 board members to assume more of the current duties

o   Ballots were given to all homeowners

§  Vote by ballot – Justin collected and tallied 13 ballots

o   Tally of votes: All 5 rec’d equal votes for the 2016-2017 board.

o   Sandra Modlin accepted position as new board members. Current board members Carl Morrissey, Dean Merkel, Ron Bowen and Justin Hough also accepted.



o   Motion made by Judith L to adjourn meeting with 2nd by Karen M. All in favor.

o   Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM




Minutes Reviewed by:  Ron Bowen